It is a well-known fact within the international business community that fairs and exhibitions constitute an indispensable and efficient tool for the promotion of international trade. These events attract millions of clients from all corners of the world and generate an ever-increasing volume of transactions. The effectiveness of these events sterns from the following characteristics: • The identified grouping of industrial and commercial segments belonging to a certain region or specific economic block. • The natural process of sales personnel meeting their ideal clients. • The effect  that  fairs  and  exhibitions has as promotional processes.  • A synergistic multiplier effect is produced in just a few days  as a result of  the  intense exchange of information between participating companies, which constantly generates opportunities to start new alliances, make  profitable investments and  establish long-term trade relationships.

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  The WORLD CITIES Association Worldwide is a global trade association, consisting of associations called WORLD CITIES Associations, According to the Mainland or its geographic area: • North America     • Latin America • Europe     • Asia • Africa • Australia y Oceania  The WORLD CITIES Association Worldwide, in its phase one, It promotes, develops, establishes and builds cities of world trade in the major cities of the world, which is called WORLD CITY, and its phase two includes a portfolio of products and services, to integrate into its intelligent system WORLD CITY. Each WORLD CITY is a city of world trade, which is integrated into high-traffic areas such as international airports, seaports, railway stations or tourist areas; and has the following facilities: 1. World Trade Associations 11. WORLD CITY Chamber of commerce zone 2. WORLD CITY International Pavilion 12. WORLD CITY Government Offices area 3. WORLD CITY Expo-Mart Club 13. WORLD CITY Embassy & Consulate area 4. WORLD CITY Hall of Nations 14. WORLD CITY Logistic Park/Free Zone 5. WORLD CITY Universities 15. WORLD CITY Hotel zone 6. WORLD CITY Apartments for Staff & Students 16. WORLD CITY Las villas Resort Hotel & Spa 7. WORLD CITY Hospitals & Clinics 17. WORLD CITY Commercial Area 8. WORLD CITY Residential Area, 18. WORLD CITY Theme Park     Club House and Golf Resort 19. WORLD CITY Sports City Stadium 9. WORLD CITY Cultural Center. 20. WORLD CITY Race Track 10. WORLD CITY Business & Convention Centers    
Every WORLD CITY makes it possible to expand the horizon of markets, technology and investments to compete in a balanced and reciprocal way in global economic processes, to facilitate the satisfactory meeting of the exhibiting companies with their international buyers, as well as its suppliers and the macroeconomic institutions that promote and facilitate their economic development (Government offices, embassies and consulates, conventions centers, chambers of Commerce, banks, consultants, brokers and global business centers), as well as the integration of all the agents of trade which are integrated into each WORLD CITY.   The success and importance increased trade fairs and exhibitions worldwide as primary tools of international trade, WORLD CITIES Association Worldwide responds to the urgent need of countries having exhibition spaces, recurring and permanent, in each city in world trade WORLD CITY, to offer to the international community, in an orderly manner, the profile of the global commercial potential.      ….           WORLD CITIES Association Worldwide vibrant progress of the unification between the cities of world trade WORLD CITIES and the joy of living, go hand in hand!  Inspired by the greatest supplier that there is, as good stewards we cultivate relationships and manage technology, goods and services available, with the intent to prosper with joy and bring the best sake, while we honor who made it possible. WORLD CITIES Association Worldwide, in their global vision promotes, through the creation of world trade WTCity cities in its phase one, as well as the portfolio of products and services in its phase two, exhibition, call and business world meeting, jointly integrated into its intelligent network.