Global Logistics

Global Logistics

World Cities Logistics was born to attend totally to supply chain became the priority, to offer a new service able to intagrate ADVISING, PLANNING, ORGANIZATION and PUTTING INTO EFFECT of logistics.

Here is the creation of this group of societies that we like to define LOGISTIC DRAWNERS.


360┬░ Supply Chain

It’s the system that manages the connections in the physical and information flows of a plurality of companies participating in a specific value chain. In this perspective, logistics is not only a subsidiary activity to the production, but a ways to reshape the relations of supply and distribution among firms located in remote areas and shortening operating distances of production with users and final consumers.

The logistic organization is therefore a crucial role for the competitiveness of firms.


Our Mission

-Suggest the best logistics combination.

-Organize and manage logistics operations.

-Offer an effective and efficient service.

-Constant Coordination and Monotoring of loads.

-Costumer Care.